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  1. I have 5.00.15 and it's Ok, but I have turned updates off. If 5.00.20 is better I might risk updating. For a start I would prefer my options back on the left of the TV, I don't like them on the right. Secondly, some people say that the browser runs out of memory, I haven't used the browser much, I just watched a cat video, and didn't run out of memory. If anything is better about 5.00.20 please let me know.
  2. What doesn't make sense is that my TV worked until last month, so why do they bother updating the TV? They would have fixed the problem if they never updated any of their TV's. I don't like the options on the right anyway, I preferred them on the left.
  3. I had to turn my Simplink off to get my TV to work, but that means I can use the TV without my amp, so I have to use the TV sound out.Still no fix in sight. But if you have no Amp then the Simplink off will work. You have to watch movies with a memory stick.
  4. It's a real problem that LG are aware of, here is the email that they sent me...
  5. Well the problem is back! It just started on my TV after an Update to 05.00.04. I bought my TV last September, so now the Guarantee is about to run out.

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