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  1. It would be great if we could asign our favourite functions to some buttons on the remote: Example: RED button changes between audio languajes on TV channel. That option is anoyingly hidden in sub-menus. GREEN button: Change to HDMI1 BLUE: Energy saving... ... Better yet, asign acctions to a combination of keys on a keyboard. Maybe a free app could do that. There are actions that some users use constantly while others practicaly never. You should be able to put YOUR frequent ones more accesible than the rest. For me, the options easily accesible are the ones I use less, and the menus are really anoying. Change audio and energy savings are vital for me, and very slow to change. (another wish) ----- It would be nice if the tv could remember the last video file played. So if you left a movie unfinised yesterday you could with one button continue it, not search for it again. PROBLEM. Maybe you were watching something your kids souldn't find the next day, so this shouldn't activate automaticly, but on demand. Like a "save this video for later" button. ------ We should be able to chose when we start up the TV if it goes to life-TV, or goes to the last source used. It's anoying when it goes to HDMI that it's conected to an off source and you have to wait for the tv to "warm up" to watch something. ------ Another thing interesting to chose from is if it turns off the USB devices you are not using. So you can unplugg them safely. I've lost data pulling them inadvertedly. ------ An option to add a shadow or a black box behind the subtitles, when the visibility is bad. And that's all for today.

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