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  1. Yes. Tried all the recommended methods - pull power, hold down the power button for~30 seconds, plug back in and power on, etc. The results are at least consistent - the backlight comes on with no picture and the power light flashes three times.
  2. I have a 50NANO79SNA, built in 2020. After ignoring the message for some time I finally decided to allow it to do an automatic firmware update. Started the process then went to bed. In the morning the TV appeared to have hung up - it was turned on but had no picture, no audio and did not respond to the remote. I turned the TV off using the manual power button then powered it back on... I got the LG power-on sound, but again no picture. Powering it off then back on again resulted in no sound, no picture and a power light that flashes 3 times each time it turns on. It does respond to the remote (for power on/off commands.) Is there a way to force-reload the firmware over USB if you don't have a picture?
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