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  1. I been searching for something ever since I made this post and I have might found what works for me with my router. I have created a guest network on 2.4GHz only with the following setting: Authentication methed: WPA-Auto-Personal WPA Encryption:: AES Access Time: Unlimited access Access Intranet: Enable After typing in my weird password I used my TV connected no flacky connection even the Plex app just works. I got the idea from this youtube video from 2014. Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHjl19VS5cI The uploader uses 5GHz but t
  2. Sadly no luck, and I am not reseting my router. For my TV in the bedroom I have ran a ethernet cable and disable WiFi it's weird because it starts up faster and is faster to response on the first boot. My TV in the living room works from time to time on WiFi but I am planning to do some changes to soon moving around my Asus RT-AC88U router to another place and run one or 2 more cables from it. I do also have a LG UBK90 blu-ray player region free blu-ray it also connects fine to WiFi together with my PS3 and PS4.
  3. Thank @murattkn3 But this evening when using cable the Plex app on my LG 55UK6100PLB refused to connect works fine for Samsung smart tv, Apple, Android and Windows users. What is really going on with this bad software??? I could read that downgrading the software to the previous version ain't easy. I have spend like an hour resting the plex app, reinstalling it and so on still the same playback error and when I play the same contain that has worked before on this tv it runs fine so there is something fishy with this software.
  4. What WiFi settings are you using? I am running af Asus RT-AC88U with Merlin firmware at the moment and both my LG TV's acted the same way after this software update so I am curious to hear what channel and frequency is the most optical for LG smart tv's to use. Because I cannot find that much information searching around the internet only that people do have problems but not a general solution on how to fix it without using a cable. This goes for all software versions.
  5. Well mine only connects when I am in the Wi-Fi menu the moment I go out it disconnects. I can do about 500/500Mbit on Wi-Fi testing with laptop and iPhone 12 Pro Max so it's not a week's issue.
  6. Are you using Wi-Fi¿ If so try Ethernet cable instead because this software version has made Wi-Fi useless in my 49UJ701V. I wish LG would test their shit out before releasing it but I guess that's too much to ask for plus if I disable Wi-Fi and use Ethernet the menu feels more snappy.
  7. Hi, I got 2 LG smart TV's running Software Version 06.00.15 and after this update WiFi has stopped working and the WiFi in both TV's will only stay connected when I am in All settings-->Network-->Wi-Fi Connection and the TV's are also feeling really slow in the menu but the moment I plug in a ethernet cable and disable WiFi everything works and the menu is smooth so I believe there is something up with this software version. I have a iPhone 12 Pro Max, Laptop and some other devices on WiFi no issues at all. The TV in the living room is a LG 49UJ701V the one in my bed room

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