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  1. I tried every solution mentioned except one, removing the back and straightening/flattening the wifi module cables because I have a 65" model and would have to handle it myself. Well I bit the bullet and got it down and after flattening the cables I have not had the notification in the past 11 days. This appears to have fixed it and also fixed the issue of the wifi being off and no way to turn it on. Wifi is working now like it always has. I have had this TV for more than 2 1/2 years. So if you haven't tried this, give it a try. Hope this helps.
  2. Does anyone know if these messages can be stopped by disconnecting the cable from the wireless board? I read on this forum that the wireless has priority over the ethernet hard wired connection, so I am wondering if disconnecting the wireless board will finally stop these recurring annoying messages.
  3. My wifi is intermittent. Sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn't. Others on this forum have stated that there is a problem with the wifi module. I never thought that lg would release something without making sure that it functions as it should. Without wifi and wired working the smart features are useless.
  4. To fix this problem for the LG 65UJ6300 go to: Settings, General and scroll down to Home/Store Select Store mode and wait for TV to switch to Store mode Press down arrow Turn off Notifications Exit Go back to Home/Store and turn Home mode back On Exit This stopped the LAN Notifications but some time later I started seeing the notification again and when I went to the store mode to check the notifications setting it was set to on again. Must be a software update that turned it back on. I just turned them off again. Hope this helps everyone with th

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