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  1. Plus one here for Multiview. I call it Picture-in-Picture, it is all the same regardless of implementation differences. This is absolutely a useful feature on a giant monitor. The absence of the feature is the single biggest reason I have to dump my otherwise fine LG and to switch brands. Just a few highlights of how it is useful to me: I can participate in a live cycling game/workout and watch something else simultaneously. Or I can follow multiple events. Or I can follow multiple sources covering the same event. Reducing a monitor to only displaying ONE source at a time does not mat
  2. What does LG even mean when they say they are waiting to gauge “customer interest”? What is their technology that replaces or improves on multi-view/picture-in-picture? Purchasing a second monitor? That IS a solution, but quite a wasteful and expensive one. My second monitor will NOT be an LG. PIP is such an expected feature I neglected to check for it. I also did not check for a volume button on the remote. There is no reason for customer interest to go away on either of these “features”.

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