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  1. That is strange, I was messing about with the new tv for a few days before I put in my HD. I recorded only two films so maybe there was enough memory to do that. Thanks so much for everything, due to you I did research so I have learned a lot. Enjoy Christmas Alan
  2. So kind of you to come back to me. 1) Yes I did put a portable hard drive in and it does record onto that portable drive. 2) No, not another. I want to get back to the original tv recording with no portable HD 3) I explain this one below Your NOTE: I think I did exit/return. I will try again When I first bought the tv, I did not use a portable HD. I recorded off the TV succesfully. With nothing used of my own, I assumed that the tv has a hard drive itself. (Doesn't matter what I thought !)Then I used my portable HD and found out that you could not record while watc
  3. Thanks. Shame isn't it. Understandable I suppose, Business and all that. Keep well Alan
  4. Hello TD 47, No I didn't. What do I do please? Thanks for replying. Alan
  5. Hello Can I use my portable HD to see the stuff, recorded on the LG tv on a laptop or othe computer. Look forward to hearing from you. Best
  6. Hello After plugging in a usb hard drive, I discovered that I can only watch a programme while recording another from "Antenae" recording. How do I switch back to "TV" recording please. Regards

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