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  1. I´m in Spain... the first update to 5.00.03 was through TV Menu, the last update (5.00.10) was through a pendrive, and I downloaded the frimware from LG SUpport page... The ivi message and LG Content Store error happen since 5.00.03 update. Here hare some captures of the proccess: Another thing I tried is to download and install ivi app from the strore and uninstall it, just in case but no succeed. Thanks for your help.
  2. Tried that and not working... searching about what "ivi loading" is, discovered ivi is kinda auto webos system...or something like that, but why is showing in my tv? Hope mystery solve asap Thanks for the answers. Regards
  3. Thanks for the answer... Yeah I already tried that, because I read it in some forums i searched, but not working... I tried a reset, not working. I´ll keep on searching solutions. Regards
  4. Hello everyone. First of all sorry about my english. Since my 55´ SM8200PLA was updated to 5.00.02 version, every time I turn on the tv, ´ivi loading´ message appears, then gets into LG Content Store, and then shows ´This content is not available´ and hitting OK, goes back to my HDMI connection as per usual. Once the tv is showing programs, if I get into LG Store, everything is normal and works properly. How can I get rid of this annoying issue? My WebOS version is: 4.9.0-53902 and the running firmware is as mentioned above 5.00.02 Thanks in advance. Regards

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