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  1. @td47 Thanks again for your recommendations and you're welcome on the feedback. Just to update here. I am still having success in opening the apps if Sling TV is the first thing that opens after this TV powers on. This has been consistent since you recommended the "channel" fixes on @td47's router. There was a Sling TV update after that - which I accepted - but it doesn't seem to have affected anything one way or another. I'm not sure if that's the app causing this either, as most of my factory resets failed to launch apps after it worked only during the first one. I suspect the router situation might have something to do with this, although this doesn't explain why my prior LG TV is still working fine from 40 feet away or so (I also haven't accepted a recent update for it yet, in fear that it might itself in a similar situation as the "UN" one in my living room). The apps situation and structure is pretty much the same between the two as well. I have considered upgrading the router and modem to a more current one in hopes it might jump start something. But I hesitated when my mobile hotspot connection and a ethernet one from the router didn't make much of a difference, if at all. But if this continues, I might check out replacing them with a 2-in-1. @Clipped Yeah, this is a user-based forum, I believe. But I did call LG's warranty/help line to get some additional ideas on how to fix the TV (as I'd registered my TV with them right away). When those weren't successful, they sent me to a different tier on the same line, to launch a complaint so that they could send a technician to my place to take a look. I've only had this TV since June 30th, so it's within the year-long manufacturer's warranty. However, the technician hasn't called me to set up a time yet in nearly 2-3 weeks. I did call LG again to let them know that, and they'd say they prioritize this. But I still haven't heard anything back. It's not a big deal at the moment since I'm able to open the apps on the TV again (although in a more limited way), but their number is 866-558-2559, in case you want to look into that.
  2. @td47 I know your advice was directed towards @Clipped initially. But I just changed my channel settings to "36" for the 5G connection (from 153) and "8" for the regular one (from Auto). With the changed 5G connection, I've now had some decent successes in opening the apps. But they are largely circumstantial on the input when I turn on the TV and whether the antenna connection or Sling TV comes in at any point. Turn on TV with "Live TV" OTA Antenna input: I'm able to get Sling TV app to open on my television if Live TV is the first thing to open on the screen. But once I leave the Sling app after opening it, I cannot re-enter it. I'm also not able to open any of the other apps regardless of when or where (YouTube, Hulu, etc.) Turn on TV with "Sling TV" input: If the TV starts with Sling TV first, then I am able to access all of my apps. If I go to the OTA antenna signal once though, all bets are off. Most of the time, I will not be able to re-enter any of the apps afterward. So some of this does seem dependent on WiFi factors. But I'm curious as to why the apps will open okay one time, but not the other? I will keep this thread posted if anything changes later on... but it did seem to get more consistent on opening apps as time went along, oddly enough.
  3. I'm in the exact same boat. The problem started on Tuesday and I've tried just about every step... looking for a firmware update, doing the factory reset, changing the MTU rating on the router, changing the country to Canada and then back to the United States, using a phone hotspot instead of Wifi, etc. It's not the Internet connection, that's for sure. At least I don't think so! Not sure if an ethernet cable would help at this point... I did have it working after the first factory reset and even downloaded and logged into a few apps again. But that success went away when I turned off the TV and nothing opened after the next time I turned it on. The two factory resets I've done since then have been unsuccessful, unfortunately. For what it's worth, my other LG TV in another room (which is only a year older) works perfectly and has no similar problems with the apps at this time. TV: UN7300PUF Software Version: 03.10.53 WebOS Tv Version: 5.1.0-3203 WiFi Router: NETGEAR N600 wireless dual band - about 8 feet away from TV.

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