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  1. Hey @Samuel K, check if it works now on your tv. The issue was resolved with the latest update of the yt-app. Best
  2. Hello td47, Actually every once in a while I use the iOS YT-App to connect to my LG-TV to choose a vid and push it to the TV. This works very well. I can also jump to any point in time using the iOS App. But whenever the video runs this is quite cumbersome - compared to just using the great LG control and its cursor. And it is a workaround for a problem that wasnt there before. Dont get me wrong: I honor your suggestion 🙂 But this setup was very easy and straightforward before the app on the TV got changed 😕 I dont want to mess around with a notebook, cable, you name it. Now here my story about contacting the YT team: I tried via Twitter and got in contact with the YT support by chat. The great support lady was nice and tried a lot but in the end no solution - yet. Since this issue is not only happening to me she somehow confirmed it might be an program error. She told me to give feedback IN the app on the TV. This ist what I will try next. I will keep you updated here 🙂 Andreas
  3. Hey @George Hofmeister, Thanks for this! I will definitely invest some time there! 🙂 If I find any solution I will let you guys know. Best Andreas
  4. Hello @George Hofmeister, well thanks for your quick reply in both of my topics 🙂 Good to know that I can save my time and I dont need to contact LG. But asking the other way around: Do you have any idea how I can get in touch with Youtube-Support? Any experience here? Thanks and Regards Andreas
  5. Hello Community, I am glad I found this board. Unfortunately the circumstances are not that great. I use my LG 55UF7709 (latest updates are installed) mostly for Youtube and streaming movies from a network storage. Second thing works great. But over the last couple months I see my YT app behaving worse and worse in the little things: First it started with a different kind of scrolling. I believe after an update I just can't scroll vertically through the YT clips by only using the scroll wheel. This was alwasy working fine but know it is almost like I have to jump start the scroll with the arrow up/dow keys on the remote and than I can use the scroll wheel. Almost feels like it is blocked virtually even though the little red arrow changes its form which is telling me my scroll command is recognized. Now since a couple of weeks (I think since the last YT app update) every time I use the red arrow to jump to a certain position in the stream the video will start from beginning - no exception. Has anybody seen these issues, too? Isn't there a official support channel I can use? Looks like LG does not feel responsible for issues with the apps. Best and Thank you! Andreas
  6. Hey Samuel, well THIS was exactly the reason I signed up in this board. Since the last update of the YT app on my LG 55UF7709 I can confirm the exact same behavior. Really annoying. I deleted the app from my TV and reinstalled it with no luck. Currently no solution 😕. I do have an ugly to use workaround so far: I press the arrow keys to move forward and backwards in the stream. Best Andreas

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