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  1. Hi I posed the issue to iFollow and they replied.... “the service does not support the following devices or features: - Android boxes - Smart TV devices - Airplay or Chromecast functionality You can try using an HDMI cable however we can not guarantee the quality of the picture if watching that way as our service was not designed for it.” So looks like its just not supported on Smart TVs. Shame as it would make it much simpler to watch. However, linking by HDMI cable via AV adaptor from an iPad does work (for me) and picture quality is excellent. Malcolm
  2. I have recently purchased a LG 55NANO86 TV. Great TV which I am still getting used to! I have a question about compatibility of the LG built in web browser functionality with the iFollow football streaming service, used in the UK (and elsewhere). This is a paid for service which allows streamling of live football games. I have tried several times unsucessfully to use the built in LG browser on the TV to access and watch a game. Whilst it successfully shows the iFollow website and allows purchase of the stream, unfortunately the link to the live stream which should pop up a window with the

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