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  1. The error is gone, at least on my set. This thread is about "Out of memory", not the speed of menu browsing. You should have take it back to the store if you didn't like the speed. There's a hope on a new OS version coming up.
  2. Ok, now you mentioned that you have the latest firmware installed on your TV set. If so, please send an e-mail to LG support. Me instead, I'm a bit more lucky. No errors appeared. And BTW, I use SmartShare service quite often. Besides Smart Share, I use an app to watch IPTV, called SSIPTV. Before the update, I was getting "Out of memory" error, every 2 minutes. Solution with unplugging the power cord from TV, helped only for 1-2 hours of watching without errors. I don't have cable TV, so I use only Smart option. I have a TP-LINK WR1042ND running with one of the most advanced Operating Systems for routers, called DD-WRT. So I don't think either that the router is causing the error.
  3. I have tested the new firmware Version_04.45.04 on my LB650V since I posted here in the forum the answer from support. No errors appeared. If anyone have problems with the new version, please write it here. Otherwise Moderators have the right and obligation to announce the solution on this thread.
  4. You must be blind or stubborn enough not reading my previous post with an e-mail, where Support from LG answered me in the same day. And most important, they gave me the new firmware link and detailed instructions how to manually update. All errors are now history. Dear Moderator, please announce this thread as solved, so that others who search google, would know the solution. Thank you.
  5. Глубокоуважаемый Виктор, Благодарим Вас за обращение в службу технической поддержки компании LG Electronics! Разрешите, пожалуйста, ответить Вам на русском языке. Мы уже были уведомлены об ошибке «недостаточно памяти» и более того, она уже была исправлена в новом обновлении 04.45.04. К сожалению, эта прошивка еще не была выложена на сервер обновления, поэтому произвести обновление ПО можно будет только через USB накопитель. Для обновления ПО перейдите, пожалуйста по ссылке ниже, затем выберите вкладку «Обновление ПО» и загрузите файл Software_File(Version_04.45.04).zip. http://www.lg.com/ru/support-product/lg-42LB650V Для обновления потребуется: Флеш-карта объемом до 32 гигабайт, отформатированная в формате fat32. На этой карте создаете папку LG_DTV и записываете в нее тот файл, который распакуете из zip-архива. После этого вставляете флеш-карту в телевизор и он автоматически предложит обновиться. Чтобы все последние обновления вступили в силу, необходимо выполнить сброс настроек телевизора. Для этого необходимо открыть Настройки - Общие - Сброс настроек до заводских. Мы Вам были бы благодарны, если Вы сообщите нам о результате. Для ответа Вы можете нажать на кнопку "Если у Вас остались вопросы, перейдите по ссылке" немного ниже. Спасибо С искренним уважением, Технический специалист, Центр Информационной Поддержки LG Electronics www.lg.com Бесплатный телефон поддержки 8-800-200-76-76 (Россия), 8-820-0071-1111 (Белоруссия). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Дата запроса : 22.04.2015 10:57 26 Тип запроса : Product Operation Продукт/ Модель : LCD TV ( 33" and over )/42LB650V Hi. A few days ago I got an error on my LG TV. While I was watching some video via SmartShare, an error "Out of memory" appeared. Reloaded the app, and after several minutes, the same crash. Restared the TV, the same happened. Please help with this error, as it appears to many customers around the world. Don't dissapoint us. Thank you.
  6. Realy dude ?? Our company (by the way situated in Europe and I'm the IT manager) work only with HP brand (PC, laptop, printer, etc.) which is from USA and licensed OS Microsoft also from USA, but from time to time PCs get freeze and only a hard reset would help. That's exactly what I did with my TV. I'll test a few days more, just to be sure. Face it, shit happens. One of the users from this forum received an answer from LG. I think you should try to send an e-mail too. Our authorized HP reseller told me that lately there are more and more HP devices with factory faults. By mistake we received too, several such foulty devices.
  7. Today, sudenly I had the same error every 2 minutes on my 42LB650V. I now watch a movie for 2 hours via SmartShare and no error appeared yet. Here is what I did: - while the TV was running - I unplugged the power cord directly from TV - after a few seconds put back in - started the TV Hope it will help you too.