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  1. Thanks for that info. I'm not really fussed about the sound bar powering down when inactive TBH. In fact it makes good sense. The power down during active use is a pain though, but as the Atmos signal can still be passed (via HDMI ARC ) even when not activated in the settings resolves it for me.
  2. Yeah, cables OK: Belkin Ultra High Speed 2.1. I'm not too fussed to TBH as I can get everything via ARC as long as Dolby Digital Plus is engaged in TV's audio settings. I was more interested in whether this was a common issue or exclusive to my set and should LG be informed.
  3. Having eARC engaged in the TV settings and sending Atmos etc to an eARC enabled Samsung sound bar causes the sound bar to power down after appx 18 minutes and diverts the audio to the TV's inbuilt sound system. Disengaging eARC on the TV resolves the problem and still sends Atmos via ARC. This has only occurred since the most recent software upgrade. Anyone else experiencing this?
  4. Have you enabled Dolby Digital Plus in the TVs sound settings? It is essential to have this on to pass Atmos via ARC or eARC to a soundbar or processor.
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