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  1. Knock on wood, but I haven’t seen this problem at all since the latest firmware update.
  2. The frustrating part is they should be able to solve this in firmware. Like allow people to turn off the messages, or only display the message if the TV stays “disconnected” longer than 5 seconds without reconnecting, or change how they decide it’s disconnected since the TV keeps playing streaming videos with no problems. 3 potential ways to fix without the need for a new motherboard. At least 1 of them is absolutely possible in firmware (allowing consumers to turn off messages).
  3. As far as I can tell, on my TV (or the specific OS version) it seems they just never show those notifications in Store Mode, rather than providing an explicit setting to disable them. If only you were as intelligent as you are arrogant...
  4. There’s no need to act so arrogant and smug. In my case, there is no such option that appears in General Settings after enabling Store Mode. By the way, in your initial post you described the notification setting as being located in the “upper right” of the TV, which based on your post here was in error and is partly why I asked you to elaborate. Instead of assuming everyone is an idiot, maybe consider the fact that each TV model has implemented its OS a bit differently and your solution isn’t as “guaranteed” for everyone’s TV as you so quickly assume. Screenshot below, Home/S
  5. Can you elaborate a bit? I tried enabling store mode as you suggest, but I don't see any option to turn off messages in the upper right of the screen. Does that option only appear when the disconnected message appears? Is there a screenshot you could share? Just trying to discern if this is a potential fix for my own TV, as I would love to have these messages disappear for good.
  6. Maybe call the technician/company and ask for a description of the work and part replaced?
  7. I have this same behavior now On my OLED55B6P. The only things that have changed: 1. Verizon replaced my optical network terminal for my Fios service. 2. I updated my TV’s firmware I can’t correlate the timing to one vs the other since the error messages about disconnection/reconnection aren’t always there. But since you’re all having the problem too, it seems like it must be some issue with LG’s firmware. Everything else in my networking, wiring, routers, etc. have been unchanged for years. (Some Side rants) With the most recent firmware update, my Simplink funct

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