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  1. I have finally managed to update my tv software, which now has airplay and HomeKit with it now... yay
  2. Hello, everything else runs perfectly, from YouTube to Amazon prime to the LG store.
  3. Here is what is said regarding my TVs
  4. According to this, site. https://www.lg.com/uk/support/software-firmware It says 5.30.10... my current software is, 5.20.15 I am asking on LG Twitter too...
  5. Just a quick one really. according to the LG software update form website, my LG tv 65uk6300plb has a software update available. I have rewired my homes Ethernet and wifi, as well as connecting my tv to Ethernet over wifi. Only now I can’t seem to either connect to the software update section on LG or I am but it’s not available in my area. any ideas how to test this... normally it says it may take a few minutes... now it says no updates straight away.
  6. Hello I plan on getting the “Alexa Echo Flex so I can control my tv and smart plugs. I have Alexa on my iPhone, and it works great, however I cant turn it on using Alexa. I believe it’s a simple fix, but can’t work it out. Can anyone help? This is on the 65UK6300PLA TV in my front room, where is an app that I have setup. on my other tv in my bedroom, 43UM7000PLA there is no Alexa app, but I have managed to connect it via my phone Alexa app, again, cant turn on. I have the LG thinQ app and this doesn’t allow turn on, should it? edit: also, the 43u
  7. Thank you for the clear and knowledgeable post. LG said this I have assumed that my tv won’t have Apple TV due to my nans tv which is 2019 (I think) and mine being 2018... but not sure and don’t know if anyone here has Apple TV app on their 2018 TVs I can’t seem to find out anything via google so wanted to know via users on there’s forums
  8. Hello i love my tv so, I have inherited my nans tv, 43UM700PLA and have this tv in my bedroom. My mum has the old plasma tv in her room and our 65UK6300PLA is downstairs. My nans tv is running 5.80.15 which has Apple TV app. My 65UK6300 is running 5.20.4 and doesn’t have Apple TV app, my question is, will my 65 inch tv have Apple TV app at some point? I have my sisters old Apple TV box linked up to the tv, but it’s only hd, not uhd. I plan, if no Apple TV app will be on the 65inch tv, I will buy a new Apple TV box, and put the one we have downstairs and set it up in my mums

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