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  1. Help make it happen for Get YOUR Make Britain Great Again Hat on @indiegogo https://t.co/TLXR8xid9S

  2. RT @geertwilderspvv: Vandaag herdenken we een groot man. Pim Fortuyn https://t.co/KnLMYEK1Nq

  3. RT @SergeantFrisky: Funny how when @KTHopkins defended me far-leftists wrote articles saying she is being "threatening" but now police offi…

  4. RT @w_terrence: Get the FBI on the Phone! Investigate a man who gave Trump 150k? but didn’t when he gave Hilary 25mill #FireMueller https:/…

  5. Oprah Winfrey: Oprah Must Disavow Harvey Weinstein - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/6MPQFjGsqA via @UKChange

  6. Sign the petition: Justice for Nikki https://t.co/5fnYCbvpwI

  7. RT @EvaSharma9: 5 terrorist attacks in EU today ➡ Paris 🇫🇷 ➡ London 🇬🇧 ➡ Malmö 🇸🇪 ➡ Lyon 🇫🇷 ➡ Birmingham 🇬🇧 ☪🕌 new year starts next week…

  8. RT @polNewsForever: Why does the BBC have the same "random" person at every crisis and discussion? Really makes you think... 🤔 https://t.c…

  9. Satanic twat... https://t.co/EgMRACP8MP

  10. Thank you Secular Syrian Government. https://t.co/CEPpX37e7B

  11. RT @AmeicanByRace: @JulianAssange @WLArtForce @WLArtForce https://t.co/6Py1RByRwU

  12. Issue an International Arrest Warrant for George Soros https://t.co/KAwhmU9cLE

  13. Becki's Immigration Fund https://t.co/KHDoK5DRO6

  14. She's a bolshevik jew - same as george soros, Juncker, Hollande et al. https://t.co/S15QAzA8NH

  15. I am so proud of the British, they have set the JWO plans back big time. ... https://t.co/syFuowscgn

  16. Some SAMSUNG TV's have Flash but when you go to a website, it says you need to upgrade Flash and as the TVs run 32-bit unix, there is no later version and so the short answer is 'no' TV's support Flash, no mobile devices, no TV streaming boxes. Why on earth would anyone want Flash support? Flash is dead. I know some sites still use it but you know if you tell the site you are using an iPad Safari browser they pretty much all serve an HTML5 alternative. It is a shame that the User Agent that the LG TV browser gives to the web server makes the web server think it is Flash capable platform. I
  17. Article said first half of 2015 - but we are now into the second half and no sign. If lack of RAM is an issue, maybe they could make a requirement that an (approved) fast USB stick needs to be permanently plugged in to ask as virtual memory, and offload backgrounded apps and programme guide to that.
  18. Just want to echo what others say. I have an LG 55LB730V It is a dirty screen effect, buggy load of rot and LG don't allow negative reviews on their site but pass the positive ones on to sellers to put on their websites.
  19. Last winter they printed the same story with 100 days of snow headline but we didn't have so much as a dusting and... http://t.co/MQIaPvFnC4

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