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  1. Ok so i've got the box. Everything works fine. Connected Cable Matters adapter and ethernet shows as connected. Have access to the internet BUT. Trying to Direct Play an HEVC HDR file requires 160mbps in my PMS Dashboard. It seems that it caps at 90-95mbps based of the diagram...Tried connecting on my 5Ghz band and caps even lower 72mbps (Box is next to my router). My Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 connected on the 5Ghz band even a room further from my router can recieve over 200mbps. It depends if i move or not. Sometimes is 160mbps and others at 260mbps. My question is why Cable Matter Usb to Eth
  2. My guess is that TV's are more complicated with these adapters. A fairly cheap Tv Box which can handle 4K Hdr Direct Play from the Plex Media Server looks a pretty solid solution. Fingers crossed again for me. Will report back with my results once i got my hands on Xiaomi mi S Box.
  3. Mine Cable matters connected on a Usb 3.00 and 2.00 exceeds 200-300mbps from Plex server so it works fine. On a Usb 3.00 port on my PC it even used 480-550mbps on Plex Dashboard > Bandwidth.
  4. Exactly my thought. That's why i bought an Android Tv Box. Will try the adapter on it, hopefully it will work(it should work).
  5. It doesn't get recognized on my router. Gave it some time but still nothing. Already order Xiaomi Mi S Box.
  6. Unfortunatelly it doesn't work. Plugged it on my LG and it says Unknown usb Device connected. But no internet connection. All LED lights on Cable Matters work fine and works normally. Works on my PC and Steam Link device though. Will look for a Tv Box which can handle 4K ULTRA HD Playback and HDR with android i guess. No money for the ultima Nvidia Tv Shield
  7. Good to know that it works on Usb 2.00 ports too. Fingers crossed.
  8. Hi. One more question as i ordered cable matters adapter and it's on it's way. Do you use it on your USB 3.0 port or standard 2.0 ports? If on 3.00 can you try Usb 2.00 and report if it works as my TV has only Usb 2.00 ports. Thanks again in advance.
  9. Thank you for the information. Will try cable matters and report back ASA i get the results.
  10. https://prnt.sc/qyjtyx I don't know if it helps but these are the protocols that my TV support for Ethernet i guess. All of them 802.11. And most of the USB to Ethernet adapters i checked are 802.3 or 802.2. I found an adapter in my country which has the protocols of my TV named on it. It's brand is chinese named but doesn't really bother me? Should i go for this one adapter? IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n 1000 Mbps
  11. Any recomendations which USB to Gigabit Ethernet adapter would work with an older LG TV model? (LG 43UJ630V-ZA) I bought this specific one and didn't work on my LG Tv. https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Aluminum-Ethernet-Supporting-Notebook/dp/B00PC0H9IE It worked on my PC and SteamLink just fine. Connection established normally. Any help?

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