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  1. If the shop staff can't replicate it, it doesnt mean much as is an intermittent problem, though can become pretty much constant. Suggest taking videos of the issue like I did - its a pain to record the TV each time ypu use the Smartphones functions, but it will give you evidence to show shop and threaten court if required. Good luck !!
  2. I had the problem for 5 years with 2 separate Tv's. It is any Smart App like iPlayer or YouTube. The problem is that the memory cache is not managed/cleared properly. Thus the only LG advice is turn off TV for a while then turn it on again. I have an external HD D for recording and playing programmes which works fine, but definitely had not resolved the Out of Memory errors I have now spoken to the retailer I purchase it from as it's still under Warrantee, and got them to admit that as LG cant fix the known error, and as i have proof (video of the error appearing multiple times on m
  3. The problem has not been fixed. Despite taking latest software updates, resetting to factory settings then updating again, the memory errors still occur. I've had my LG TV replaced twice (and updated to latest model each time) in the past 5 years and still get out of memory errors. In regular contact with LG and various support agents, and advice to 'make sure you have latest software" hasn't changed over past 5 years, but still hasn't fixed the problem. **This post was triggered by notication of a new post by Dan C - advising of same/similar experience **
  4. I had the LG 42LA620V for a few years, and have now had the 42LB650V for about 2 years. No matter which OS/software version, you'll get Out of Memory errors. Occasionally I'll reset to factory settings to see if more stable than latest Software Update but generally you're better keeping latest version. The memory errors occur in iPlayer, YouTube, and pretty much anything in the WebOS/Smart menu options. Some days the apps are unusable. Recent examples that come to mind; Last week YouTube crashed about 15 times in one day, and today iPlayer crashed 5 times in a short period before I gave i
  5. I had this problem in April this year on a previous model which thankfully broke and was replaced with a newer model, the LG 42LB650V-ZN This worked fine until about 2 weeks ago - and now any app fails; Netflix, BBC iPlayer, NOW TV, etc - 'Out of memory issue' LG advised solution is to download latest software (version: 04.45.25) and to load that after a factory reset. This is the software already installed, so I haven't tried their 'solution' yet. There are a lot of theories on the cause -but the long and short is that a new software update or patch is required . Come on LG - we'
  6. New LG email reply; "Thank you for your email into us in regards to your 42LB650V, I will help as best as I can. I am sorry that your television has the out of memory issue and as we promised there will be an update rolling our to the televisions very soon but it is still currently in testing. As I know that this is frustrating for you and I really wish I could assist you further but I can't stress how important the testing is for the new update as if released early it will break all the televisions in the model range."
  7. Hi Titus My TV is the 42LB650VB, which does use WebOS.(v 1.3.203232 afroarches) - and I'm on FW version 04.41.32. However, as you rightly noted - they've responsed with the 620 TV link. Will refer back to LG and advise if any useful update, Regards
  8. LG have confirmed that thesoftware update to fix this problem has now been released (LG emailed confirmation 04Apr14) You can get it at http://www.lg.com/uk/support-product/lg-42LA620V under SOFTWARE UPDATE. The file named Software_File(Version_04.26.05).zip is the actual software update file and the file named Software_Upgrade_Guide(English).pdf is the guide on how to install this on your TV.
  9. LG claimed their engineers became aware of it "a couple of weeks ago" - and that there should be a patch available about a week from now... Fingers crossed for that patch...
  10. I just spoke to LG and they advised that they are now aware of this issue, and the software engineers have been working on a remedial patch for the past 7 or 8 days. The LG agent advised that they aim to have a patch released "in about a week" to resolve this problem. Watch this space.....
  11. Under 2 weeks old LG 42LB650V - Out of Memory issue - can't use BBC iPlayer Using 1.3.2-3232(afro-arches).

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