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  1. How can I clear the LG TV (UM7600PLB / os. 05.10.25) cache? I don't mean any particular app or browser but the whole TV cache. The cache contains incorrect data. The data is cached because the factory settings do not help. I know you have to have the kind of script that does it.
  2. I found the answer from technical information. It's below. No wonder Thinq AI doesn't work. 😡 Artificial Intelligence function ThinQ - Yes (Nordic languages are not supported) Intelligent voice recognition - Yes (Nordic languages are not supported) Speech to text - Yes (Nordic languages are not supported) LG Voice Search - Yes (Nordic languages are not supported) Nordic languages = Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Finnish
  3. LG TV 50UM7600PLB and language settings Finnish 🇫🇮 I have a big button on the remote control that I sometimes accidentally press. I understand that I can use it to command TV. But what commands can I give and where can I find the command list? When I press the button, the TV will say "Puhu nyt" (Speak now). Then I say "Sulje TV" (turn off the TV) and TV repeats "Sulje TV" but TV searches the command from Youtube?! Is the Thinq AI only for searching entertainmentt online or do the TV commands (something like more sound, switch to channel 5 etc) work in English only? I don't see any sense here.
  4. There cannot be a sw bug that needs 24 hours to fix. If the servers have backup servers and sw is properly tested, then there should be no 24 hour outage. Of course, in the case of a denial of service attack.
  5. TV: 50UM7600PLB Same here in Finland. I have done the following tricks: - the Areena (=finnish app) didn't work so i uninstalled it - I tried to install it again, failed - noticed that no other apps can be installed, damn - reset the TV to factory settings (many times), no help - downloaded internet webos installation file, didn't install because same version (i thought the checksum was broken), no help Thank you LG for not posting any information on the Finnish website! For the second time, I won't sneak into LG. Kylläpä vituttaa.
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