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  1. SOLVED Turned off HDMI CEC on my android box. It doesn't switch automatically to HDMI3 anymore, although now I don't have automatic power on/off, but I can live with that.
  2. Hi, my first post here. I have a "problem" for which I can't find a workaround. Please help. LG 49SM8600 (webOS 4.5) HDMI 1: IPTV from local provider (STB always on) HDMI 2 (ARC): LG Soundbar HDMI 3: Android box (Beelink GT) I have Auto Power Sync turned on as I want the soundbar to be synced with TV's on/off state. Also, the android box is synced (whether the box is on sleep or turned off). The problem is that each time I turn my TV on input is automatically switched to android box (HDMI3) which I don't want. I want it by default to stay on IPTV (HDMI1). How to prevent this? Excluding android box from auto power sync would also be a good solution but I can't find where to set this. Thanks
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