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  1. I'll add that bit of info on my next live chat with DAZN. I've been contacting them about once a week since September to complain about this as well as the ridiculously poor streaming quality, showing scores for games I haven't watched yet (which they have mostly stopped) etc. How is your team doing?
  2. How can it not be an LG issue when it works perfectly on Samsung Sony and Sharp? Frankly I don't care where the issue started. I want it fixed. It costs $150 per year to watch soccer that used to be included in my cable package. In order to see a decent picture I had to buy a new tv. If I'd been aware of this problem I would have bought a Samsung. Since LG isn't offering my money back they need to fix this (deal with DAZN if that's what it takes). The app comes from their store.
  3. I have not been able to find any email with which to have a simple back and forth discussion. Telephone has been equally useless. https://ca.lgappstv.com/main I've used this page and the 1:1 Inquiry link at the top. It takes a bit of data entry to get a conversation started, sign in with google (or an LG account), Several more drop downs. The reply comes to my email but there it's a "do not reply" response so each time I go back to the page I copy and paste the LG email response to continue the conversation. I've been back and forth with Dave H a half dozen times now. The Reference number he gave me is VCN191106081913 For DAZN I have used the live chat from https://my.dazn.com/contactus I suspect you did the same? Keep badgering!
  4. But it is an LG issue in that my friends who own Sony, Samsung and Sharp do not suffer from this. I have done my best to communicate with both LG and DAZN each, initially, pointing the finger at the other. My last 2 replies fromDave H at LG content store support were that he has sent it up to engineering and that it would take 2-3 weeks to be looked at . 3 weeks later (this past Wednesday) he told me it hadn't been looked at yet. My attempts to have DAZN deal with it met (2 months ago) first met with denial and useless trouble shooting suggestions. On my last live chat, 2 days ago, with DAZN Ted advised me that they are aware of the problem and that he is sorry for the "inconvenience". I hope that if enough people bagger both DAZN and LG something will be eventually be done about it so please keep emailing or live chatting if you can. Perhaps there is strength in numbers. Like everyone else I also hate DAZN, for this and for the fact that the games are only viewable for a week, and any number of reason.
  5. I am looking for other L G owners who have tried to watch DAZN "catch up" and get a 6 to 8 hour delay in the game being available .
  6. The DAZN app that came with my new TV works partially. But the feature to watch previous shows (games) called "catch up" has a delay of 6-8 hours. When I select a game that has just completed I get a message in a yellow box, "catch up isn't available yet please try again later" but the thumbnail for the stream is giving an indication that that stream is being viewed. Eventually, after 6-8 hours the feature will run. I have tested the app on Samsung and it works perfectly (as soon as a game is complete it is viewable on Catch up) as it does on my desktop and smart phone. I have discussed this with DAZN and LG customer support and all conclude that the problem lies with LG. The last LG CS person I spoke to promised to send it up the line to Engineering. I hope it doesn't take months for them to fix this bug. Has anyone else encountered this?

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