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  1. Swansea is in the Champions League now (and looks like staying there for this year), but I follow Liverpool and Leicester.
  2. As I understand it, DAZN is the one that develops the app for LG TVs, not the other way around. I have had a similar issue with Acorn (another streaming service) and they made it clear that it is they who develop the app for LG (they haven't). Though in the case of Acorn I can go through Amazon Prime Video (which itself is problematic, though there is a somewhat tedious work around). So yes, bug DAZN. The only reason that I have DAZN is for the English Premier League and DAZN has the monopoly on the EPL in Canada. I have also sent an email to the EPL (not that I expect anything from that unless they received many more emails).
  3. Went through LGs help chat. They said it was DAZN's issue. Contacted DAZN. Must say that they were better than before but no resolution and not exactly straight with me. Claimed that the problem is that, "According to our records the internet speed needed to stream HD is 8.00 mbps. The average we have you at is 3.56 Mbps." Well I checked it right after that and it was 170 Mbps. Said that they would look into it. Will keep onto them.
  4. Do you have the email addresses that we can keep bugging DAZN and LG at?
  5. It seems to be a DAZN issue. Finally got through to DAZN support chat. Here is what I got: DAZN Rafael (2019-11-30, 1:26:22 PM): Welcome to DAZN Customer Service! Hello, I am Rafael. How may I help you? Me (2019-11-30, 1:26:39 PM): Hi, why on my LG smart TV using the DAZN app do I see the message "Catch up isn't ready yet." (and it will be much later that I can)? But if I watch on my laptop I can see the match now. DAZN Rafael (2019-11-30, 1:26:39 PM): Hello Robert DAZN Rafael (2019-11-30, 1:26:58 PM): Hey I will be happy to assist you With your question. DAZN Rafael (2019-11-30, 1:27:46 PM): The reason why is because the video is not ready for TV version yet, for that reason you are able to see in your laptop but not on the TV. Me (2019-11-30, 1:29:10 PM): Well why does it take 12 hours to get ready? I am paying to watch and now I Ihave to watch adds too. DAZN Rafael (2019-11-30, 1:29:27 PM): The events are uploaded within 24 hours after the event ended, It should be available soon. So the reason it is is because it is. I hate DAZN.
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