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  1. Hello, Do the LG TV need specific remote to enter Service menu (EZ-Adjust) ? or is the service menu not present on my LG SM8100 ? Any help please ?
  2. Hello, I received last week an LG SM8100, and I am trying to enable/enter the service menu to adjust some settings (Store region mainly, and to see few other things). I know the Magic remote included with LG SM8100 don't let us enable service menu, so I got three different remote controls (1 LG non magic, 1 compatible LG, 1 "universal") and I tried with the three of them but i have not been successfull... I tried pressing Menu Button + Button under TV panel during some seconds, but nothing happen (except the tv rebooted), then I tried OK Button + Button under TV panel but nothing happen unless the live tv banned flashing... I am a bit lost, may someone help me with this please ? Thank You in advance Ced
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