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  1. I had to plug in and out several times, waited for it to install (no message). Also try turning tv off and on a few times. If the lights start blinking there is communication...
  2. I can play 120mbps 4k perfectly fine. Without stuttering. Higher bitrates will cause buffering every x seconds
  3. To make a valid comparison, can u find out what files you can (not) play via: http://jell.yfish.us/? I am downloading all h264 files between 80 mbps and 200 mbps now.
  4. Scratch the above.... For playback I switched to EMBY media server on my NAS with the corresponding Web-OS app, so no HTPC needed anymore. Took me a while to setup (disabling transcoding etc.) Finally managed to get it going, it works great. I haven't found a file it can't play. It even plays 80GB movies without stuttering, where I thought my NAS was not able to... also Emby is great in finding subs.
  5. After months of frustration and days of googling (is that a word?) I found this post and tried my luck. I am so happy to confirm this adapter also works on the 2018 models (in my case OLED65C8). I even took the time to create an account to say thanks. So... THANKS!!! After plugging in the device it takes some time for the tv to install (I think), after a while I (un)plugged the lan cable again, then the lights started flickering. Still the apps (youtube) say no connection, I had to reboot the tv first. As mentioned by others above, the TV shows no connection for LAN and Wifi, but it all works flawlessly I downloaded the speedtest app, I get a more then reasonable 250Mbit up/down (I have 1GB up/down fiber connection). So I should be able to play all available 4K videos. As for LAN content: I use the onboard LG Videoplayer, it plays almost everything without transcoding over DLNA. I am able to play all my 4k HDR files right from my synology with Media Server App installed. Also with Universal Media Server on my HTPC (with some .conf changes) everything plays perfect, incl. subtitles. Right now I am not at home, but later today I will try and play some of these reference files: http://jell.yfish.us/

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