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  1. It's common for most DLNA-servers - when you just put a new file into the folder used by DLNA-server, the server doesn't rehash its database used for files management. At least it doesn't immediately by default. And if after putting a new file you try to watch video from the DLNA-server on your PC with help of VLC-player, you won't see the added file too. It means, that the problem is not in your TV. For making DLNA-server "know" about a new file in its storage you have to do some extra action. For example it could be done by pressing "rescan directories" button in DLNA-server web-intetface or
  2. So pity. My AV-receiver manufactured in 2017 is eARC-compatible after only a firmware update
  3. It would be great to see the names of a videofile soundtracks by choosing one of them in "Photo and video" application
  4. Is it possible to add the possibility of being able to see the properties of an HDMI-input signal by pressing some (info?) button on RC for OLEDC6V?
  5. Is eARC support addition possible for OLEDC6V in further WebOS version?
  6. When I try to play some Dolby Vision video on my OLED55C6V from USB-flash or from DLNA-server (without any conversion) by the internal application for photo and video playback I see the picture painted green. Some Dolby Vision video is played properly. So can I change something in my television settings or in the video-file (I would be able to re-encode or remuxe it if I knew what should I change) for fixing the problem? Thank you beforehand! Mediainfo file dump: General Complete name : N:\02.Chameleon.mp4 Format : MPEG

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