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  1. Actually just fixed it now its working. All I had to do was disconnect my laptop from any wifi network and then go and connect to the TV and it worked. Then i joined wifi once connected.
  2. Thanks for the advise but after following what you suggested, it still does not work. No changes either , everything is the same as my post above. Any other ideas?
  3. My windows 10 laptop that once connected great wirelessley to my TV now will not. When clicking connect from the notification center, then clicking on my LG webOS TV I see this on the TV screen My PC name requests screen sharing to your TV with a magenta decline button, then shows unable to connect with screen share. Try again. on windows 10 it says: connecting, follow any instructions on your device then in yellow it says couldn't connect TV is hardwired ethernet and laptop is on 5GHz wifi. Same laptop and tv used to connect no problem.

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