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  1. Yea they would add to newer tvs and not ones from 2017 and 2018 because they want us to buy another tv when we just bought one and to find out the expensive 800 tv u just bought doesnt even allow u to add hbo or do other things like most tvs already do but LG figured they would make people spend alot of money on a tv that cant do what they want then instead of adding it to an update for all tvs they only add to the new so people would have to buy another tv but unfortunately alot of us single disabled parents cant afford to buy Multiple tvs. Yall need to update all the newer tvs from 2017 till
  2. Also ive looked at Multiple threads i didnt find the answer
  3. And why cant u just tell me instead of making go through posts that don't exactly answer my question
  4. How do we add an hbo app to this tv? Ive tried HBO,HBO go ,and HBO NOW and i cant manage to find one for this stupid tv. This is the only tv ive ever had that i cant figure out how to log on to an HBO but yet has starz and showtime that doesn't make sense. Can someone tell me how to get one of those on here plz

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