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  1. After months of wandering the LG Store on my TV, and a good bit of money on useless apps, I chose instead to use an AppleTV (ATV) connected to my AVR, and pass the video to my TV. Alternately (for HBO and Netflix streams, you could add a Google Chromecast, $40US or so) — Chromecast does not use Apple’s AirPlay, and the pic of your phone’s Airplay pulldown would never show Chromecast as an option...) You could open the HBONow app on your phone and and choose the casting option, within the app itself. The Airplay icon, and the Google cast icons are similar looking, I’ve attached them here. . . If both an ATV and a Chromecast are connected to your Wi-Fi, you will see both icons on a movie scene once you tap the phone’s screen. The best part of the AppleTV or Chromecast casting is that it is NOT casting a video from phone to TV. It gives “permission” for the ATV or Google device to connect to the stream directly from HBO, thereby freeing your phone’s WiFi for more important things, like texting “sup?”and “HMU” to friends, etc... Downside for Amazon Prime folks are the grumbles between Google and Amazon that resulted in Google not allowing Prime Video app users to stream via Chromecast. Luckily the ATV has the Prime app available for free. I hear the AppleTV’s “TV” app is coming soon to Fire Sticks, too. My LG does not pass Atmos well, but it does handle Dolby Vision very well. My ATV has both Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos and my AVR does, too. Best of both worlds. I no longer use Alexa— I quickly tired of hearing Alexa volunteer, saying —during times of intimacy— “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand your question!?” While it was a cause of great hilarity the first time, nanoseconds later she was hurled at a wall. —Thumprchgo a.k.a., Mark, Prairiedawg, OldCrankInTheBack Setup: Mostly plebeian, but carefully curated. Denon AVR-X4400H, 9.2; Audyssey MultiEQ-XT32 Polk Audio RTiA series for L/C/R, FXi series for Side Surrounds, OMW5 for on-ceiling Atmos, at 5.2.4 Polk DSW-550 subs, two. AppleTV 4K, Fire Stick 4K, QNAP NAS, nanoAVR-DL (useless, don’t get me started) MiniDSP 4x2HD for sub EQ and time-alignment LG 55” 4K Dolby Vision Innumerable beads of sweat Thousands of frustrated, misspent hours And one radiant smile just up ahead, off in the gloaming... (Sent from my tablet)

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