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  1. I was interest to see if eurosport player would work in the LG WebOS browser, it doesn't on WebOS 3 and looks like it doesn't on more recent TVs either. Eurosport player website requires chrome 56 or above and WebOS 4, latest version, is running chrome 53. If LG where to update the browser version they deploy with WebOS then we'd get support for eurosport player. My TV is running a browser released in 2014, 2 years older than than my telly. Chrome 53 release in Aug 2016 and LG using it in 2018. Chrome 56 release in Jan 2017 so maybe see it next release of webOS after 2019/2020? But eurosport player could change there requirements, need a newer browser version by then. Requirements to view eurosportplayer.co.uk - https://gb.eurosportplayer.com/help#_TECH_REQ Chrome version on LG tvs - http://webostv.developer.lge.com/discover/webos-tv-platform/web-engine/ How to check what brower version your on - https://whatsmybrowser.org/ Information of Chrome releases - https://chromereleases.googleblog.com/search/label/Stable%20updates
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