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  1. Maybe this link answer your question? https://techguylabs.com/blog/adjust-playback-settings-netflix-reduce-data-usage
  2. Hi George Hofmeister, I will send them a line or two and ask them; you can be sure of that. If I get an answer, I will post the reply on this forum. Have you heard what it is between the C8 and C9 model that is so different that the C8 is not compatible with AirPlay2?
  3. To whom it may concern, 1. Please begin a conversation with the VPN software companies and ask if they are ready to support the LG family of SmartTVs. 2. Please start to support the 2018 LG TV operating system webOS to Apple’s ecosystem. At least two of the LG TV, C8 and E8, with the Alpha 9 intelligent processor should be more than able to share content to their TVs using AirPlay 2.

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