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  1. Is SuperSign Server a free software or we must purchase a license? I'm stuck at: Please request a license with downloaded DAT file via License Management System or e-mail to license manager The license file will be issued via e-mail after approval by license manager. Who do i request it with???
  2. Thank you. Let's wait and see if they can help.
  3. Hi all, Does anybody know why I'm getting error Network error(-6) a few seconds after my 65UH5C? Network was configured with wifi at first. Then network cable was plugged and still the error persisted. Any help is much appreciated
  4. Hi all, I'm looking into options to display info/dashboards in screens across the office as well as being used as a wireless HDMI cable for presentations. I'd like to know if I find these features on the LG OS. I explain. When nobody is doing a presentation I'd like the screnens to displays a webpage or pages (with info, statisctics,..). Once we need the screen for a presentation, we can "connect" wirelessly to the device to display what we have on the screen of a laptop/tablet,... There's a device that does all that, it is called, Airtame. And I wonder if I can have these features directly form the TV/webOS Thank you Oli

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