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  1. I can totally understand the frustration in your case. can you check the following - 1) Are you able to connect your headset to other sources (phone, laptops etc) ? 2) Is your TV in the discovery mode and visible in the list of nearby devices on your phone/laptop ?
  2. As mentioned in the OP i was having a similar issue with my HBS-730 but it turned out I wasn't doing the steps correctly. You'll need to put your headset in discovery mode (by pressing the small round button on one of the arms) and then go into your TV wireless sound menu (sorry don't 'have the TV right now in front of me to give you the exact navigation path) and let your TV search for nearby compatible BT devices.. It should hopefully appear in your list... let me know how it goes.....
  3. Hi, I've just bough LG HBS-730 bluetooth headset with the hope that I can connect it to my LG TV LB650V via LG Sound Sync (wireless). However the TV does not recognise the bluetooth headset and doesn't show up in the list of available devices. Can anyone confirm of please let me know if this is possible ? Thanks, Optimus

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