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    LG Sound sync compatible headsets

    Thank you for the successful experiences with your smartphones. It might depend on the Web-OsS TV software version on the TVset. My WebOS TV version is 2.2.0-158 (beehive-biscayne). I cannot choose a headset but only a speaker bar for the Soundsync connection menu on my TV. A parallel channel with a separate Bluetooth-USB dongle from LG is not compatible with my TV according to the LG-E service center. The HBS-800 headset is not Soundsync compatible according to the same service center for LGE benelux, although in an earllier LG-message it should be compatible. I still want a Bluetooth-connection from my TV-set to my Headset, but it is not possible yet. Maybe a software update would be the solution? And it could be the explanation that the problems are solved in newer software. Thanks Digidog and George, Loek
  2. Loek Drenth

    LG Sound sync compatible headsets

    Thank you ss332 for your analytical approach! Sorry for the delayed answers, Answer 1: Yes, all my Bluetooth headsets, including the LG HBS-800, are easily paired and connected to my Samsung S4 phone and to my Asus Nexus tablet. Answer 2: My LG TV was in the discovery mode not visible for my phone and tablet. The Samsung TV of my neighbor was visible and also his printer. This result brings me to the idea that there is probably no Bluetooth signal at all coming from my LG TV! I downloaded the LG Wireless Sound Sync manual pages and found: Manual 1: Check whether LG HBS / LG BTS1 is used in the name of the headphone. My LG HBS-800 headphone is visible on my Tablet as HBS-800, without the name LG, but I suppose that the filter uses HBS-800. Manual 2: For some models you need to connect a Bluetooth-dongle to use LG Sound Sync !! ( Accessory of the TV or separately sold.) Question: I would like to know which Bluetooth specification or which Bluetooth dongle model I need ?
  3. Loek Drenth

    LG Sound sync compatible headsets

    Thank you for your reaction. I did everything exactly like you did, but the LG HBS-800 in pairing mode was not found. The TV does not recognize the LG HBS-800 blue tooth headset and it doesn't show up in the list of available devices. It is not simple to get these compatible LG headsets, I was happy to find this LG HBS-800, but now I still have this new TV set without a headphone connection. I already bought two blue tooth headsets without success. Maybe someone has another idea?
  4. Loek Drenth

    LG Sound sync compatible headsets

    The consumer-test mentioned the fact that a Blue Tooth headset was necessary, but not that it should be one of these four from LG. I first bought another Blue Tooth headset that did not work. LG gave me by telephone the above advice, so I bought another headset from this LG collection: an LG HBS-800, for the sound sync connection with my LG TV : 55EG9A7V . My telephone and my Tablet are easily paired and connected, but not My LG TV. The TV keeps searching and does not recognize my LG HBS-800 telephone. How can this problem be solved? Loek Drenth