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  1. Its not in LG's hands to provide an app for Hostar or voot. Hotstart or voot should develop an app for the LG web os platform. I Sent a mail to hotstar team about this on 25th June. Here's the transcript Hi team, I think its already time you also add your Hotstar app to TV platforms. Watching in smart phones and browsers is outdated. My recent buy LG tv doesn't have Hotstar. Highly disappointed. Please add hotstar soon. Thanks and Regards Sandeep Reply------- Hello Sandeep, Thank you for writing to Hotstar. In regards to your query, please know that our Development team is working on an app for the LG WebOS which should be available by the end of this year. We also support Google Chromecast and Amazon Firestick so that you can enjoy the big screen experience. Hope this helps. Thanks, Deepesh Ghavri Hotstar Team.

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