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  1. Spent another 45 minutes on with Lg rep. Finally reset. Steps are: 1) Power off TV. 2) Unplug the TV. 3)Hold the power button for 10’seconds. 4)Plug in the Tv. 5) Power on the Tv. 6) Access the Safety option via the cog (Cog-(or home button)-Advanced options-Safety 7) Select the Reset PIN Code option. 8)Enter Pin Code. Any numbers will work. 9) After the Pin Mismatch error message, press the Channel Up, Channel Up, Channel Down, Channel Up. 10) The Master Pin Code box should appear. Enter your master code ( It may be 0313, 0325, 0323, 0000, 1234,7777 depending on your Tv model. It is best to call LG to determine the correct code) 11) Change your PIN code.( Preferably to 0000 because who wants to go thru this ever again???!!!???) Hope this helps.
  2. I have contacted LG to see if I could reset the pin code. It was changed from the default over a year ago. I’m in the states, so the instruction included the channel up and down buttons on the remote. We tried the following: 1) Channel up, channel up, channel down, channel up *the idea is to have a master pin code box open enter a code (Didn’t work. No box opened) 2) Tried all of the following codes: 0000, 7777, 0313, 0323, 0325 (None worked) Any other suggestions would be appreciated. The model is 55UV8500 (2014) The software version is 05.05.45

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