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  1. @ruitertjelg


    No, I wanted a horse and I paid a high price for a pretty looking donkey.

    Unfortunately I was persuaded by the sales hype.

    I enjoy watching quite a bit of television but now the screen is damaged by LGs bad programming.

    If like many people I had not used any of the SMART TVs capabilities, I would still have ended up with a poor viewing experience.

    If you don't want a professionally integrated smart TV with all that goes with it then buy a dumb TV.



  2. 1 hour ago, Karan Batra said:

    IMO You have a wrong understanding of the capabilities of a smart tv. It is not meant to replace your laptop. Yes they do expect that consumers connect their laptop but not use the tv as a laptop. I am talking in general for any smart tv.

    The capabilities you are expecting ; even an external box would fail to provide. The closest you can get is an apple tv or an nvidia shield, still they can’t replace a laptop’s capabilites. 

    Second to push the sales of the newer model they omit new features from older models and provide only on new ones.


    Hi Karan,

    Probably i shouldn't have mentioned a laptop, so ignore that. I expected a Smart TV  with a browser to be able to browse and navigate the internet, they seem to make a lot of claims about smart TVs in that respect.

    I do not expect the browser to be designed in such a way that it actually damages the screen while browsing.

    I do not expect the subtitles to gradually burn out the OLEDs during normal TV viewing.

    I'm afraid I don't understand the phraseology of your comment about pushing sales.


    I expect a smart TV with a browser to be FIT FOR PURPOSE and be able to browse the internet without damaging itself.



    1 hour ago, Karan Batra said:



    1 hour ago, Karan Batra said:





  3. On 6/18/2020 at 11:00 PM, eddiez said:

    A TV is meant for providing an image on a screen. LG is the best for that. If you want to play with apps, get a tablet or pc and mirror your screen. Or even use your phone. 

    Don't expect a car to fly. 

    Wrong! These devices are supposed to be much more than a mere TV , they are sold as SMART TVs . The 'smart' appellation indicates it is supposed to be much more than an ordinary TV . When I bought mine I expected it to be able to browse the Internet just as I do on a laptop but the LG WebOS system falls far short of anything I have used before. The lack of internal memory and poor memory management means it continually shuts down the browser when using memory intensive apps such as Google map's. The browser home page has fixed areas of strong colour burns marks on the screen unless you continually switch to full screen mode . Even the subtitles have burned the bottom area of the screen , pixel refreshing does repair the damage, I now have to put up with a very low picture quality . I know about electronic hardware and software design and I think the LG designers should be shot! I'm advising all my friends and acquaintances to avoid LG SMART TVs.

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