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  1. Snapdrag: I do not have that issue. However, I cannot walk into our conference room with laptop in hand and powered on and connect to the LG Smart TV. The laptop doesn't "see" the TV. I ALWAYS have to re-boot the laptop and let it discover the TV.
  2. In my situation, running a 30 ft. HDMI cable across the conference room is not an option and wouldn't be practical. We need the ability to meet with a client in one of three different conference rooms and have the ability to project from the laptop to the wall mounted TV/display. Today's modern office shouldn't and doesn't require cables strewn about the place.
  3. Last weekend, an MS update for Win 10 popped up on both of my machines at home. Turned out to be a major update - build 1083 if I recall. Got me to wondering if it would have any positive affect on the office Dell Lattitude I've been having the Wi-di issue with. I ran the upgrade on the Lattitude then the Dell Support and Assist window popped up announcing driver and hardware updates - one was related to graphics - so I ran all three of those. And, like magic, Wi-di is now working flawlessly on the Lattitude. I keep going into our conference room daily to check it and it connects without issue every time. It connects to either the LG itself or the MS Wireless Display adapter connected to it - either works just fine now. *Update: 5-27-18 - apologies to Snapdrag - did not see your post above until now. I usually get notifications of new posts.
  4. At the suggestion of a tech friend of mine, I bought the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and connected it to the LG UH3060 display per the instructions. My brand new Dell Lattitude 3580 still won't reliably connect to the display. My tech friend stopped by our office, fired up his Dell laptop and with two clicks he was connected, surfing all over the web, disconnected, reconnected multiple times not only to the MS adapter but also by using the Screen Share feature of the LG display. This morning we had an important webinar so I brought in my trusty HP laptop from home. Same thing, two clicks and the webinar was up and running on the LG display without a hiccup for its entire two hours. And, I was also able to connect via the MS adapter and the Screen Share function of the LG flawlessly multiple times. So, at least in my case, it isn't the LG TV, it is definitely the new Dell laptop - which is being returned. I've wasted far too much time troubleshooting that boat anchor.
  5. Did you try Xirtam's solution? I've found that even though Xirtam's solution did work - subsequent connections have been quirky. Most of the time I have success by right clicking on the Desktop, select Display settings and click on Connect to Wireless Display. Doesn't work every time but most times. Wish LG and MS could get this resolved.
  6. I created an account just to be able to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I can't believe the hours I wasted trying to get Screen Share to work with a Win10 laptop. I was ready to head home last evening but just had to try your solution before I left and it worked! Thanks again Xirtam. I hope others find your post.

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