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  1. I am waiting for software update, becasuse they now about the problem, and on special occaisons i turn on the soundbar manually and use the jack plug connection
  2. Today i called with LG customer service 09006533543 from the netherlands so not sure if it works outside the netherlands I told him wat my problem was, and i had to email him pictures of all the data stored onder about my tv such as software etc Here i use a teufel c11bs soundbar and works through 3.5 jack and works through Fiber but not under hdmi what ever i try He is coming back to me we also checked that 04.70.85 is the latest software avalaible Even on the website as ota now newer avalaible
  3. Exactly the same situation here Model 55E7N, also factory reset and nothing works through arc Before the update everything was fine Now just tv speaker and no sound bar
  4. Hello, I have a LG55E7N and I wonder how I can delete a channelgroup I made by mistake several groups, like 1,2,3,4,5, etc And I like to delete them I have been trying now for several days , but no luck Any help would be very appreciated