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  1. Daniel Blackbird

    upgrade OLD smart tv to WebOS

    isn't there any plan for upgrade old LG tv to the new os(web os) BY LG??? I check my tv for update more than 1 year and no new update on it !!!! the smart section isn't smart - for exp web browser is very bad (it can't open a website - freeze ) web os or android os is the suitable cases for this problem. I must use raspberry pie 3 for use web browser on my tv thanks
  2. Hi I bought recently LA66000 this is smart tv but it's not smart web browser with a lot delay responsible menus like old LCD tv in another forum like xda-developers -> devs port other OS to old android phone is there any devs for port web os firmware to LG LA66000 I am software developer and I like to make apps for WebOS tv thanks Daniel