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  1. I realize this is a very late follow up, but I just got a W Studio Micro and just figured out how to get it to work with my 65" LG OLED C7's Magic Remote (after a particularly unhelpful discussion with LG customer service). There are a couple simple things to understand to get around the fact that LG doesn't support Definitive Technology. First is that W Studio Wireless and the W Studio Micro both have learning features and can trained to respond to another remote's IR signals. The second is that LG doesn't control (at least for the TV I have) volume, etc. with IR. If you try to train a Definitive device with the Magic Remote natively, it won't receive an IR signal to be trained with. If, however, you explicitly say you're using a sound bar, the Magic Remote will send IR signals to control them. This is what I did: Connect the TV to the sound bar with the optical cable. Hit the "Home" button on the remote and open the "Device Connector" app at the bottom of the screen. (See the LG video here). Select "Sound Bar." Select "Optical" (which will also set your TV to not respond to volume commands from the LG remote), then click "Next" then "Next" again to set up which device you're using. You won't find Definitive Technology in the list. Selecting "Unknown" will exit the setup process, so select just about any other brand. I used Acoustic Research because I liked the sound of it. Click "Next." There's only one "Remote Type" for Acoustic Research, so just click "Next" again, then "Done" to exit the setup process. (Quite frankly, if you select another brand it won't matter which "Remote Type" you select.) Your LG Magic Remote is now sending Acoustic Research IR signals to control a sound bar, but they won't actually control the Definitive Technology sound bar. Yet. Now put your Definitive Technology sound bar into training mode, and train it to listen to Volume +, Volume -, Power, and Mute. See the Definitive Technology videos for the W Studio Wireless or the W Studio Micro sound bars. The Micro, at least, involves holding the input selector button for five seconds, clicking the button on the DT remote that controls the command to train (Volume +, for example), then clicking the corresponding button on the LG Magic Remote. That said, watch the Definitive Technology video for your device (linked above). My LG Magic remote now sends Acoustic Research IR signals to control power, volume, and mute, and my W Studio Micro listens for Acoustic Research IR signals for power, volume, and mute. My sound bar turns on when I turn on the TV and the volume control on the LG remote only adjusts volume on the sound bar (but it does show an indicator on the screen that I've hit the volume up, volume down, or mute button). I haven't programmed the Magic Remote to control bass or center channel on the sound bar (as I'm not sure which Magic Remote buttons I would use for that), but at least the basics are covered and I don't need to use a second or third-party-universal remote. Hope that helps.