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  1. Emulator is not working

    Yes, I am able to connect to VM using 'ares' as well as using IDE. The problem I am facing now is, I can only see TV's emulator, not Remote's.
  2. Emulator is not working

    I found a workaround for this: Goto to the path where SDK is installed > Open "LG_webOS_TV_Emulator.vbox" with Virtualbox.
  3. Hi, I am new to WebOS and trying to setup my environment. I followed the same steps mentioned here: After completing these steps, I found four new applications installed in my system: webOS TV CLI, webOS TV IDE, Oracle VirtualBox, webOS TV Emulator v3.0.0. Now, when I am trying to run Emulator, nothing is happening. I am using macOS High Sierra. Can someone please help me out in this? ☹️