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  1. I found a new problem today. For some weird reason, STB resolution defaults back to 720p every time I turn off the STB
  2. It would have been such a helpful feature if I can add favorite channels to "My Channels" menu as I am sick and tired of browsing the channels on STB. The channels I watch are too far away from one another in the channel line up. After watching dozens of LG videos online, I realized the menu and features differ from country to country. There is no consistency across Regions even for basic features. . There are only 4 major DTH providers in India. Not sure why LG is unable to work with them and make their STBs compatible with the Web OS features. Just like every other LG product I used, Web OS TVs are half-baked and inconsistent . Will go with Samsung for my next TV purchase
  3. Actually, I am able to add YouTube videos to "My Content". It's not only for Antenna Signals. I just want to use it for Amazon Prime Video and can't figure out how. Online LG tutorial videos market that feature but it's not working for me
  4. Thank you so much. Finally found it. In my STB (Model - DishNXT HD) it's under Menu ->My Dish TV->Audio & Video -> HDMI Resolution. It's so dumb that by default it was 720p. No one ever selected it as far as I can remember
  5. 5. Which app? Amazon Prime? I downloaded it and even logged in with my Prime Account immediately after getting the TV. But I couldn't add shows from the Prime App to the My Content page
  6. I couldn't find any setting in the STB to change resolution. It's a FHD Set Top Box for sure. I should be getting 1080p. I tried many FHD channels but it shows 720p there Does connecting my STB with the other type of cable (sorry i don't know what those cables are called) help in any way? Also, check this link - http://www.lg.com/us/support/product-help/CT10000018-1434379208807-adding-deleting-channels As per this LG help article, both Antenna and DTH should work similarly in fetching the TV Guide and tuning channels. If I go by that article, connecting through HDMI shouldn't make any difference
  7. Hey, My questions about LG Smart TV are somewhat similar and related to this. Will you be able to answer them? LG Support hasn't been of much use to me
  8. Hi, I purchased a new 43" LG 4K TV in India couple of months ago. Model Number is 43UJ652t. I use Dish TV DTH service for watching TV. I connected my Dish TV HD Set Top Box to the TV through HDMI port (HDMI 1) I have couple of questions - When I select the HDMI input to watch TV, the following information is displayed on the top-left corner of the TV (See pic 1 below). It says 720p there. What does it mean? I have HD set top box with HD Channel subscription. Why is it saying 720p there even when I am watching HD channels? There is an Icon in the Web OS launcher called Live TV (see pic 2 below). It doesn't work with DTH set-top boxes? Does it only work with Antenna and Free to Air channels? The TV guide icon (see pic 3) in the Web OS launcher doesn't doesn't play the TV Guide for my Set-Top Box. It asks me to fine tune the programming first but Auto-tuning doesn't find any channels? Is the TV Guide functionality available only for the Antenna and FTA channels? Can I add channels from my set-top box to the My Channels menu (see pic 4)? How do I add shows from Amazon Prime to the "My Content" menu for easy access. Currently, it only allows me to add YouTube content Can I add a specific channel from my Dish TV set top box as a long press shortcut in my LG Magic Remote? In the below LG videos, when the presenter selected the STB while setting up Live TV, the TV automatically searches for the channels and populates the TV Guide? Is it not possible to do it for Indian DTH set top boxes? These questions are driving me mad. Please help me in understanding the LG Web OS System better

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