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  1. Thanks to spacemonkey for this positive update. From the press release we can read: "LG also announced that its 2014 webOS-enabled Smart TVs will enjoy a free software update on September 21, allowing current webOS 1.0 users to experience the improved webOS 2.0 platform introduced on 2015 models without having to purchase new hardware. LG's 2014 Smart TV series that will receive the update are: LB6300, LB6500, LB7100, LB7200, UB8500, UB9200, UB9300, UB9500, UB9800, EC9300, EC9700 and EG9700"
  2. Hi needz, if you have the source of this confirmation, can you post it in this thread?
  3. I base my question upon the press release from LG that they will launch a brand new webOS for their 2015 smart tv line of products, see http://www.cnet.com/news/lg-plans-new-webos-for-all-of-its-2015-smart-tvs/. Not much is revealed in that press relase of requirements, like processor requirements, type of tv model supported and so on. A natural question would be, will it be backward compatible with year model 2014 TV`s and will we see the ability for a free update, eg. for the dual core based smart tv LB670 series. So please, in this thread you can post updated information of fu

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