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  1. jonny

    WiFi connection

    That's correct, The only input signal that I have is Network (cable / WiFi). I wish to stop seing annoying "no signal .." notification.
  2. jonny

    WiFi connection

    Once I power TV on, I wish to get into certain application and not to see default background photo (with "no signal" notification). It looks like I'm asking something weird... Nobody ever faced it ?
  3. jonny

    WiFi connection

    I wish to disable the notification of "No signal.." while power on and not the WiFi.
  4. jonny

    WiFi connection

    My TV is connected through the WiFi only, however everytime when I turn it on I'm getting annoying screen "No signal detected..". How to disable it?
  5. Getting no signal screen when the TV is turned on. Wish to see Netflix application instead.
  6. How to make Netflix or any other application to be a start screen?