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  1. They sent me a new magic remote, and still had the same issue. I had an LG service rep come to my house and he was able to use a standard remote, similar to the LG AKB73975702 remote that I also went and purchased on Amazon. Now the TV is working fine, although the bluetooth functions with the magic remote don't work, so I'm not using it. I have a Harmony remote that we use primarily anyways, and we're using the old school LG remote for Smart TV functions. I think the bluetooth functionality is something wrong with the TV itself, but I'm not in a hurry to take it off the wall mount and have them open it up. Long story short, I'm going with the workaround. Good luck, as I know it's frustrating.
  2. I'm hoping that this one will work - http://www.lg.com/us/tv-audio-video-accessories/lg-AKB73975702-tv-remote-contol It's an LG AKB73975702 remote........doesn't specifically state it will control my OLED 65B6P, but I'm crossing my fingers.
  3. Unfortunately, already tried with 2 LG magic remotes, but neither seem to work. OK button simply won't respond.
  4. New user to the forum! My TV is an LG OLED 65B6P, which was working fine until a few days ago, when the magic remote pointer and OK button stopped working (was getting message that Bluetooth needed to be initialized). After making the mistake of calling product support, they had me do a factory reset, but that didn't fix the issue, and only made it worse, as now I can't proceed from the "Start Up" menu as I can't click the OK button. I'm dead in the water, and have even tried this with 2 different magic remotes! I've tried the pairing and unpairing suggested on numerous support sites, and can't get anywhere with this. Can't even find an LG service center in the Boston area. I also have a Harmony Ultimate remote, but that likely won't help here, as I can't get the "OK" button assigned in the TV's current state. Any help is appreciated!

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