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  1. Hi I Tried to switch my HDMI port from 1 to 3 in my smart tv. The existing port 1 was for Dish connection, when I changed the port I am not getting the sound. Then I switched to the old port 1 then I got the sound. Is there any thing I need to do when i switch HDMI ports. I tagged the port to dish and magic remote is paired with that port 1.
  2. Hi Hello Dev Folks, Greetings! Would like to have app for SUNET which was recently launched. Most of the apps are compatible with Android or Apple and being pride having Web OS would like to have most top downloaded app available for Web IS 2.0 Thanks VVP.
  3. I don't remember now.. how I did it.. May be you should search under premium store that came with the app or visit Amazon prime site and try to download the app from there. I am going to check again how I did it.. and will keep u posted.
  4. Stu for My delayed response..My TV model is 49UH850T..and yes it have a magic remote ..its Web is 3.0
  5. You have this available. I installed Amazon prime and its working fine.

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