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  1. Contacted LG support. Very helpful. First clue: Successfully accessed LG Content Store and other web apps using iPhone wireless hot spot. Reverting back to wired Ethernet or wireless through AT&T DSL service TV could not maintain connection to LG Content Store server. Resolved problem by editing DNS address to from address automatically assigned by Motorola DSL router.
  2. Installed new OLED65C6P-U Wired internet connection. Can access web using resident browser, but cannot run any video within web applications such as CNN, Fox News, etc. Can access Web Apps using Sony Blu-Ray. Cannot access LG Content Store. Error message indicating a "temporary problem" Attempt to use any resident Web App says must update. Select Update and get error message indicating a temporary problem along with error code 6003. Have reset 3 times. Same result Have turned off AC to TV twice, waiting a minute before restarting. Same result. Cannot access Local Account from TV General Settings page. Seems as if LG Server is down somewhaere, but no info on Web indicating this is the case as of this date (April 16, 2017) Email to Support resulted in email return saying problem difficult to solve via email; call Support (which I will do Monday). Similar problems seem to have faced customers in past with no apparent solution, but problem just disappears. Anyone faced this problem and solved it with specific steps to remedy?
  3. I am having the same problem with just purchased OLED65C6P. Also, cannot log in to user account with TV Settings. Otherwise, can access the web using browser, but cannot play media selected from sites such as Fox News, CNN, etc.

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