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  1. You may find my conclusions in this thread of interest:
  2. I am now convinced that the problem relates to the internet connection provided to the TV whether it is wired or wireless, even if the media being watched is not using the internet or LAN. After several months without sound problems, we developed an intermittent internet connection which caused the speed to drop. At the same time our audio drop-out issue re-surfaced. The internet problem is a cable fault which has taken many weeks and lots of visits to find, so I finally gave up trying to use the optical sound link and took a cable from the headphone socket direct to the amplifier RCA input and now there are no more sound issues. So if anyone who is in guarantee can be bothered trying get some action on this from LG, they may wish to point them at this post. I am now resigned to using my installation as it is, but feel very disappointed that such a well respected company could allow a product onto the market with such an annoying fault.
  3. Since my previous post I have switched the audio from "Dolby Plus" to "Dolby" and kept the Wired Ethernet to the TV. For the last few days there have been no drop-outs, using Netflix, the Humax satelite reciever via HDMI and a USB hard drive as sources. All rather baffling.
  4. I have the same issue with an LG 49UF770V. I have had this TV for about 9 months with no problems until the last few days, now I get exactly as you describe, sound drop-outs of up to a half second (occasionally longer) at random intervals, probably a dozen times in a hour. System comprises: Humax satelite PVR connected via HDMI. Satelite LNB connected directly to the TV LNB input. Network connected via wi-fi to TV. Sony audio amplifier connected to optical output of TV. I see the same issue using any input method so my conclusion is that this must be a TV software/hardware problem maybe related to processor loading or lack of memory or both. As a test I switched the network connection from wi-fi to hard wired, thinking that this may reduce the processor load slightly, and I also switched the audio out from 'Auto' to Dolby Plus. Today I watched a full length film on Netflix without any drop-out, and this evening my wife watched TV using the Humax and only noticed two drop-outs all evening. Note that no internet was being used by the system this evening other than whatever the set may be doing in the background. There have been no firmware updates (unless there is a bug that allows them when the auto-update is set to OFF). My firmware version is 04.25.55 (Anyone know when this was released?) and the WebOS version is 2.21-1341