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  1. Screen Share with Windows 10

    But chromecast was connected to pc or smart tv? For sending screen to smart tv sould be in pc, right?
  2. Screen Share with Windows 10

    hello. please help me if is possible: i have a win 10 pc connected to home network with cable in router. in same network (cabled) is there a lg web os tv. when i search on digital media devices i found the lg web os tv. why don't find on send screen the webos tv? when a ho to screen share on webos tv i activated all things but my windows 10 x64 can't allow me to add or find the tv. perhaps i must connect both pc and tv wireless and not cabled? or how can i solve and why could be incompatible my windows sistem? my pc is: windows 10x64 cpu: amd a10 video card ati thanks