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  1. @tim_cook Can't believe that the america can't control this.

  2. RT @sindhan: நீட் எங்களுக்கு வேண்டாம் என தமிழகமே எதிர்த்த போதும் திணிக்க நேரம் இருந்தது. சட்டைக் கைகளை கத்தரிக்க நேரமிருந்தது. தமிழ்நாட்டி…

  3. @RedmiIndia 16GB phone!

  4. RT @gvprakash: https://t.co/dDVSMrDxY1

  5. @XiaomiIndia We need MIUI features with stock Skin.

  6. RT @BarackObama: Have fun out there among the stars. https://t.co/S285MTwGtp

  7. @MKBHD pixlr app could do better! 😃

  8. @narendramodi AI tax 18% 😂

  9. @imVkohli This is the place where water is running out right? not fair. you guys are going to waste lots of water for the ground.

  10. Brainless channels should stop talking about #Rajini and #Kamal . Just wasting time. Let them come to politics first.

  11. Join the investing revolution at https://t.co/FyTl1sYQKU #kuvera via @KuveraBlog

  12. RT @PChidambaram_IN: Government owes a duty to provide its citizens one safe and risk free instrument for savings. Taking the only instrume…

  13. Arnab seat-la யாருடா தீய வச்சது @republic @TimesNow #arnab

  14. @The100writers writers room.. really? call it psychology room. Fake writers. Can't write a geniue story so u guys j… https://t.co/TYt3Ix0BBC

  15. @XiaomiIndia @RedmiIndia @manukumarjain @jaimani what does "Desk Ka" mean? no one know except Hindi speaking states.

  16. @XiaomiIndia @hbarra see what’s ur fiends doing. Tel us the secret

  17. @WalkingDead_AMC s2. Is that little guy is fool. His mother not taking care? Playing well with audience.

  18. RT @Kevin_M_Martin: Amazon is now officially an unregulated monopoly—sure to be the official killer of the job market for all small busines…

  19. @MyntraSupport tax and shipping charges stopping me buying from myntra. Ordered today free shipping!

  20. RT @CocoaDevBlogs: daniele margutti : Forget dataSource & delegates: a new approach to UITableView https://t.co/lCbUdgPDLF

  21. @ICICIBank_Care i will not update. Will Close my Ac. Do not support insane govt orders. https://t.co/P8E9uSEEG4

  22. RT @mangathadaww: BJP Twitter bots & allakais now working for Admk 😂 Go through this tag 👇 #RightDecisionBySpeaker

  23. @vijaytelevision @ikamalhaasan chair task is bullshit! makes no sense! they should have provided eye protector glass. housemates are fools

  24. RT @itisprashanth: Chopper to lift a rapist to Guest house ? 12 people killed , and Journos are attached like stray dogs. Shame on you CM !…

  25. RT @Getitright8: @narendramodi Leave job seekers..We TN NEET ASPIRANTS have become medical college seekers coz of CG's unjustified support…

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